vol. 18, no. 4

  • Biju Michael SDB, Salesian Pontifical University in Rome, Studium Theologicum Salesianum in Jerusalem, Israel
    Civilians in the Line of Fire in the Light of Catholic Social Teaching
    Content   Abstract   References
    doi: 10.18778/1899-2226.18.4.01

  • Agnieszka Marek, John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland
    Leadership in Catholic Social Teaching
    Content   Abstract    References
    doi: 10.18778/1899-2226.18.4.02

  • Petre Comșa, Valahia University, Targoviste, Romania
    Costea Munteanu, Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania
    An Interdisciplinary Perspective on the Relationship between Ethics and Today’s Capitalism
    Content   Abstract   References
    doi: 10.18778/1899-2226.18.4.03

  • Anna Horodecka, Warsaw School of Economics, Poland
    The Changing Face of Economics? Ethical Issues in Contemporary Economic Schools as a Consequence of Changes in the Concept of Human Nature
    Content   Abstract   References
    doi: 10.18778/1899-2226.18.4.04

  • Jagoda Komusińska, Cracow University of Economics, Poland
    Economics as a Discipline of Instrumental Reason. Looking at Economics as a Science from the Perspective of the Frankfurt School of Philosophy
    Content   Abstract   References
    doi: 10.18778/1899-2226.18.4.05

  • Matthew E. Gladden, Georgetown University, Washington, DC, and Polish Academy of Science
    Cryptocurrency with a Conscience: Using Artificial Intelligence to Develop Money that Advances Human Ethical Values
    Content   Abstract   References
    doi: 10.18778/1899-2226.18.4.06

  • Piotr Marciniak, University of Lodz, Poland
    Impact of the Credit Rating Agencies on the Financial Crisis 2007–2009
    Content   Abstract   References
    doi: 10.18778/1899-2226.18.4.08

  • Hanna Filipczyk, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Enodo Advisors, Poland
    Tax Non-avoidance as a Missing Piece of the Puzzle in the CSR Agenda in Poland
    Content   Abstract   References
    doi: 10.18778/1899-2226.18.4.07

  • Piotr Wajszczyk, Lodz University of Technology, Poland
    Discretion in Professional Practice and in Engineering Ethics
    Content   Abstract   References
    doi: 10.18778/1899-2226.18.4.09