vol. 20, nr 4

  • Sharaf N. Rehman, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, USA
    Teaching Ethics in an Unethical World
    Content   Abstract   References
    doi: 10.18778/1899-2226.20.4.01

  • Rajesh C. Shukla, Saint Paul University, Ottawa, Canada
    Public Policy and Social Good: Theory, Practice and Beyond
    Content   Abstract    References
    doi: 10.18778/1899-2226.20.4.02

  • Carmen Pagliari, Iacopo Odoardi, University of Chieti‑Pescara, Italy
    Improving the Relationship between Welfare Economics and Ethics
    Content   Abstract   References
    doi: 10.18778/1899-2226.20.4.03

  • Mariusz Maziarz, Wrocław University of Economics, Poland
    Ethics, Uncertainty, and Macroeconomics
    Content   Abstract   References
    doi: 10.18778/1899-2226.20.4.04

  • Marek Wódka, John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland
    Social and Economic Significance of Moral Capital
    Content   Abstract   References
    doi: 10.18778/1899-2226.20.4.05

  • Łukasz Kutyło, University of Łódź, Poland
    In Search of the ‘Spirit of Capitalism’: About Normative Mechanisms Responsible for the Organisation of Social Behaviours
    Content   Abstract   References
    doi: 10.18778/1899-2226.20.4.06

  • Kalina Grzesiuk, John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland
    Communicating a Company’s CSR Activities Through Social Networks: A Theoretical Framework
    Content   Abstract   References
    doi: 10.18778/1899-2226.20.4.07